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September 23, 2014 - Comments Off on More or less, less is more

More or less, less is more

Some people feel uncomfortable when it comes to white space. That expansive chasm of emptiness leaves some feeling unsettled and at times annoyed. But designers love it.

Stripping away the clutter and unnecessary elements that pollute a web page to reveal a clear focus on content is a massively therapeutic exercise as a designer. While this is all well and good from a visual side, it also pays dividends in terms of the users journey and when viewing on smaller screens.

Understanding the audience (or in this case user) is paramount to designing a clear, uncomplicated user journey. What are their goals and motivations? A good example of a clear and simple user experience is the government website ( They describe their user experience as 'Simpler, clearer, faster' and this couldn't be more true. With this website, content is king. They stripped back the previous superfluous structure understanding that their users want to find out important information without any barriers or unnecessary pages hindering their progress. What is left is the facts, clear and simple no matter what the size of the screen.

Other people have followed this design trend of late including Edinburgh Council and it is proving successful.